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Jason and Melanie Sargent - Re: Thomas

15 August 2009

I’m writing this to share our experience of our son who is ADHD and the improvements we are experiencing with his weekly tutoring with Glenn Jackson. Firstly I shall start with a little background on Thomas. Thomas is currently 6 and a half. Our experience with his education thus far has been a major struggle. We have had many problems with his lack of learning which eventually lead to problems with his behaviour.  He has been assessed through Child and Mental Health Service and has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Reading Disorder and Disorder of written expression. Thomas scored 99.9 percent on the Conners Continuous Performance Test and a level of 4 years 4 months on the Burts reading test, even after being at school over a year. His teachers frustrations are that he cannot sustain attention for long and has to be constantly brought back to his work at a rate of about twice per minute. With such a short attention span, he looses interest as soon as he starts to struggle or becomes bored, therefore retaining very little information. He is an intelligent child, often thinking outside of the square, therefore he tends to learn in a very different manner to most.

This is where Glenn Jackson and the drumming tutoring has become invaluable to us, not only with his learning to read but also in his support of us and our journey with Thomas.


He has spent the last few months tailoring Thomas’s lessons to the way Thomas responds. Closely monitoring the way he learns and what he is interested in, Glenn adapts his lessons to suit Thomas’s thought processes. The results as we physically watch are remarkable. He has noticed things such as Thomas seeing words inside of longer words. He has the ability to notice patterns and these things are incorporated in his lesson plans. The fact that he has to drum with his letter recognition means that he is doing something energetic while he is learning, therefore this works well with his high energy levels. He has recognised that by offering Thomas a choice in how his lessons are structured, he can keep him focused for longer, once given these choices Thomas works at his own pace to achieve the maximum output.


Glenn always re-enforces the “never give up” attitude, instead pushing Thomas a little further so he gains a sense of achievement.  His drumming lessons with Glenn have been hugely beneficial to Thomas and ourselves. It is amazing to see him achieving small but significant milestones while working with Glenn, responding more positively to this programme than others he has been involved in eg reading recovery. Glenn is firm in setting boundaries, but always full of praise when Thomas is doing well and  this in its self gives Thomas’s self esteem a huge boost. That is something that sadly lacks in a child that struggles to keep up with his peers, and is invaluable.
Glenn’s support of Thomas, and feedback about what he is continually discovering, has helped us understand how Thomas’s mind works, thus allowing us to pass this knowledge on to all those working to help him succeed. We have a huge amount of appreciation that is beyond words for what Glenn is doing and the results have to be seen to be believed.

Jason and Melanie Sargent


Te Awamutu College - RTLB

Good morning Glenn,


From what I have seen of your programme so far  I think it is fantastic. From my observations this morning I was amazed to see the enthusiasm and skill displayed  by the four students in what they were doing with the drums. These are students that I particularly chose because of their low self esteem and low achievement. The transformation you have contributed to in these boys is amazing. I was impressed particularly by J, who is in our high needs Year 9 class and barely achieving anything at all. In your drum therapy session he is a different person completely. He is confident, daring and skilled. What a pleasure it was to see this side of him. I was blown away. Great work!


I have also received wonderful feedback from some of the boys’ caregivers – specifically J's  and H's. For all seven of the boys that work with you, the session on Thursday is the highlight of their week.


I look forward to talking with you next Thursday to discuss a Mad Cow Drum presentation at the Waikato RTLB Regional Conference to be held in Te Awamutu in August.



David Buchanan


Pirongia School


I am so sorry this will be late for your meeting, but please forward if you want to.

At our Senior Leadership meeting this morning we talked about how the Drumming was going with our children.

Comments from the teachers!





Jan Cullen


Pirongia School

Ph: 07 8719 727

Fax: 07 8719 075


Te Awamutu Courier News Article - Click Here


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