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Henry Bennett Awhirua and Maatai Units.

For the past four years I have had the opportunity to teach drums and play music within the walls of Henry Bennett at Waikato Hopsital.

This has been an incredible experience where we have supported three wards; Poi Poi, Awhirua and Maatai.

You really can find amazing talent in the most amazing and unlikely of places. To know these guys; to work with the staff there; to see change and abilities come shining through is nothing short of an honour and privilege.



Ronga Atea Drug and Alcohol Rehibilation Unit.

rongoOne of the greatest privileges I have had, barr none, is to be asked to work with the team Rongo Atea Drug and Alcohol Rehibilitaion Facility in Hamilton.

Our first placement there was September/October of this year (2009) where I had the opportunity to be a very small part of eight peoples positive choice for change.

Our classes were part of a curriculum giving these young people an opportunity to try something new and different. It was an incredible thing to work with some extremely brave and talented young men and women. This group was featured on a 20/20 programme recently; the link for this is: .

I just want again to let them all know how incredible I think they are in their own right and it was my privilege to have been a part of your journey. Thank you!!!

We have attached a link to the Rongo Atea website it is Please take a look at the good work these people are doing.


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