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Some of my pics from the Modern Drummer
Festival 2008....

While in New York I had the absolute priviledge of going to the Modern Drummer Festival. Not only did I get to go but I was given complete backstage rights, and green room rights, hence I ended up having lunch with The Billy Ward Trio, met Derek Roddy, Gavin Harrison, Simon Phillips and Jason Bitner.

Once it was all done then I had to attend the banquet that followed. Let me tell you I was in "HOG HEAVEN"!!! Here are just a few pics for your viewing pleasure. View them then envy me!!!


will big billy thomas derek

Will Calhoun bashing out "Cult of Personality"...

The Bill ward Trio, I had
lunch with these guys...

Thomas from "the Mars Volta" Hangin' with Derek Roddy backstage...


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