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Introducing Mad Cow Drums (NZ) Ltd.

My name is Glenn Jackson and I am the founding member of Mad Cow Drums (NZ) Ltd. “MAD COW” Drums has been running since September of 2007.

Our personal “MAD COW” mission statement is to share our passion for making music and love of drums as a means of motivating young people to understand the satisfaction that comes from achieving goals through the continued discipline of constant learning and improvement. It is our desire for young people to learn these skills as they are the skills most likely to bring fulfilment in life.

I started playing drums twenty three years after a friend challenged me to find something I really wanted to do in life. I was 17 years old when I began, and I have never looked back.

This choice resulted in me working as a musician in originals and covers bands and doing studio work. Along the way I have also met some very cool people who have remained friends to this day. But even more than this, the discipline of learning the drums has taught me the importance of perseverance, looking at failure as something to be worked on rather than be defeated by, and that fulfilment and satisfaction come through constant and habitual improvement.

So here I am, 28 years later, tapping away almost every night…….what can I say - I just love it!

My desire is not just to teach drums but also be a positive role model for my students and in my community. Instilling goal setting and attainment as part of the learning process, as well as giving insight and motivation into their playing is the core focus of what I do.

We have recently developed a unique visual based teaching tool which brings together the musical stave, and the division of musical beats, in such a way that students can literally see how their body movements’ work together on the chart they are reading. This aids in motor skills and co-ordination, and prepares the students for moving onto reading drum notation very rapidly.

We have also patented some new systems that look at ways we can give things like reading and spelling a more tactile approach. It is our desire to get these systems licensed and out into schools where they can be used more effectively.