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How we work.....

The first lesson goes from identifying the student’s needs to working with them to create a strategy that will help them achieve their goals. This way, each course is tailored to the requirements of the students.

The aim is to get students playing as quickly as possible in order to give them a sense of achievement. This is achieved by using our patented visual based teaching method.

We do not believe in practicing as this does have a somewhat negative connotation (especially with younger people). We are all about “playing” and enjoying the challenge of learning; celebrating the results of constant and habitual effort.

A drum kit is not necessary to start the learning process. The first four or five months of my playing was done on a phone book and working on getting my arms, hands, feet and legs to move as they should.

For parents who are looking to buy kits, I do recommend allowing your children to give proof of commitment to the learning process, and then look at an outlay from there. If you are looking to purchase a drum kit we are more than willing to lend advice in this regard.

Please do feel free to contact me on the folowing numbers:

Mobile: 021 20 20 269


Lesson Costs…..

Our charges are $50.00 per hour lesson if you wish to join me at our home in Te Awamutu where we can use our Yamaha DTXpress drum kit, in a total interactive learning environment.


What is required…..

  1. Drum sticks - we can help with supply of these.
  2. An A4 folder (for holding notes)
  3. A Metronome (preference; but not essential)
  4. A Practice Pad


My Teaching Equipment…..

We are using the Yamaha DTXpress drum modules for home teaching. Not only are these being used from a point of courteousy to our neighbours but they are very responsive and have great sounds onboard. They make for a very enjoyable learning and playing experience.


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