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The vision of MAD COW DRUMS in the School Environment.....

Looking at a school environment there are some students who may be more challenged than others in a classroom setting.

I know this, as I was one of those who would sit down the back of class and generally cause mayhem at any possible opportunity. I have also struggled with learning partly due to what one could call an interesting home environment.

As part of the “MAD COW” initiative I wish to assist schools where possible with these types of students.

The drums and drumming has physicality and a brashness about it that is not common to any other instrument. After years of playing in front of people both young and old I recognise the universal appeal that the drums have. It is this I wish to harness and use to assist these somewhat challenging individuals.

Children and young people often seem drawn to drums and this provides the opportunity to very quickly and easily engage in dialogue with them. This is an excellent opportunity to provide positive input into the student.

There are a limited number of male role models in these environments at anytime. This is unfortunate, but true. This is another reason for my desire to work with schools as I do believe it is vitally important that there be more of a male presence getting involved with the children in our community as a whole. It was the external male presence that spoke into my life at a very early age that has led me to where I am today. 


How this works in Schools…..

Looking at a school environment it is our desire to support and help the fine work that our teachers are doing. We look to handle our lessons as follows:

1. With our program the idea is to have a group environment where students are interacting both in pairs and in a total group setting.  The maximum number for a class is six students at a time.

2. With a more challenging student this could be worked in a group setting but a one to one basis would look to build relationship quicker, and get into specific issues.

3. There is of course standard drum tuition available to schools also. This can be done in a group setting (maximum of six students) or on a one to one basis.

In a school environment our charges are from $65.00 - $100.00/hour. Timing and facilitation of  these classes would be open to discussion. All equipment is provided to facilitate these classes. Pricing does not include set up or travel time.


Schools we are working with.....

We are working in several schools in the Waipa area at present and the feedback from teachers, principals and school board members alike has been nothing but positive.

These schools are as follows:



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